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Hi!  Thanks for looking at my web page. I have been a ham since I was 14 when I got my first license as a General Class. My first call sign was K0GKD. I stayed active for many years, and for some reason quit “hamming” about 25 years ago. I got my license back in August (2003), and my old call sign (K0GKD) - wow what luck. I think 9/11 got me thinking about “ham radio”, and how much I enjoyed this great hobby. I especially like building and working on my own equipment. My latest project is a LDMOS HF Solid State Amplifier which has been a collaboration with several hams.

My XYL and I recently moved to Escondido, California (Northern San Diego County) from Kansas City area where we lived for over 25 years. I felt it best to change my call since it looks like California will be our home. When I found W6KAN available as a "Kansan" it seemed perfect and the vanity program complied.

I have three children, and five grandchildren. My wife and daughter ride and show horses - I like to play golf, tennis, and "ham". I will likely never retire as I own my own business - still located in the Kansas City area.

Me and two of my grandsons 2015 (My 75th Birthday November 2014 - click on picture for more family pictures)

Contact K0GKD Email: w6kan@arrl.net

My first job after college was in New York working for an financial publication and investment advisory firm. To avoid being drafted and going to the Army (and Viet Nam) I joined the Navy. I ended up in Viet Nam anyway on a minesweeper - the USS Constant (MSO 427). During our tour operating off of the coast I got orders to take command of a river boat - a "sitting duck" billet. It sounded exciting at my then young age. Fortunately for me the orders were canceled when they could not find my replacement for the USS Constant so I stayed on board. After leaving the Viet Nam war zone we were fortunate in getting CNO (Chief of Naval Operations) permission to operate "maritime mobile" using a home brew rig I built in my spare time. We operated all of the way home via the Solomon Islands, Australia, Fiji, and American Samoa. We did a lot of phone patches back to the "States" for the crew and their families. After leaving the Navy I continued to "ham" until about 1980 when I let my license expire? (:<)

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