In my teenage years as a ham there was very little affordable commercial gear on the market. Most of our transmitting gear was home brew by necessity, at least until Heathkit came along. I think we all got used to watching our projects go up in smoke. My mother always worried that I would burn the hose down - probably with good cause! I still joke with my friend Ed (W7MAD) about using a "broomstick" when first turning a newly built radio "on", and standing far enough back to observe the smoke and sparks! I continue to like building things as a fun part of the hobby.
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Using four Motorola MRF150 MOSFETS

Have a look at a video of the 600 watt amplifier in operation

See a video showing the inside of the amplifier


The Big Solid State "Kahuna"1.2 KW!

The Kahuna uses only two power FET's - MRF157's rated at 600 watts (output) each. The power supply has a specially wound toroid transformer with 220VAC primary and a 39VACRMS secondary rated at 40 amps.


Old Amplifiers - Boat Anchors or Bargain Basement Opportunities

SB-220 or SB-221 Heathkit Amp Using Eimac's 3-500Z - K0GKD


SB-200 - The best amplifier on the market for

the money - K0GKD.

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Drake L4B - Rebuilding This Great Old Amp


Super Simple 80-20 Receiver

K0GKD - QST April 1972

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